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INMED Award Recipient Returns Toward Mosul


Lawand Talal is journeying back into harm’s way. Today the 2017 INMED Compassionate Service to Humanity Award Recipient is departing his post at the University of Missouri and traveling back into our world’s bloodiest conflict: the battle to liberate the city of Mosul from ISIS.


Q: What will be your role back in Iraqi Kurdistan?

A: I will represent disabled refugees in their quest of asylum. International law affords them certain rights, but someone who knows the law must advocate on their behalf.


Q: Will you feel safe being so near to ISIS?

A: In comparison with the civilians living inside of Mosul, I will be very safe. The suffering of these people, under three years of ISIS domination, is unfathomable.


Q: What about the future of your professional career in law?

A: Originally, I intended specialize petroleum business negotiation. However, the horror accompanying crises like these in Syria, Iraq and Sudan now compels me to focus all my energy on safeguarding humanity.


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