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From One To One Hundred – Angola Day 26


Photoed here are some of the thirty-five nurse practitioners who staff the rural health centers surrounding Kalukembe Hospital. Twice each year they converge for two days of continuing education. I enjoyed the opportunity to lead eight hours of workshops on how to promote economic development and literacy, since these are so very essential to physical health. I also lead them through management of simulated cases of tropical fever, acute abdomen, orthopedic trauma, and postpartum bleeding.


When I first came to Angola in the 1990s my approach was to care for as many people myself as I reasonably could. That emphasis lasted about six months, when I finally realized in my heart that progress in this nation required hundreds of people like myself. So I changed my approach to multiplying skill capacity, to sharing my vision and skills with talented Angolans who themselves would carry on the mission. Now, this vision is not valued by myself alone. Insightful Angolans, like Antonio Salamão whom I described in my most recent post, also embrace this vision. What a joy to be part of this multiplication from one to one hundred.


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