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Innovators Of Africa – Angola Day 24


Innovative and vulnerable – these are the children of Africa. Walking from home to clinic today, I met these boys touting their homemade airplanes. One is a King Air, followed by a Cessna Caravan – fine replicas of the aircraft that land on our dirt runway. The models include even spinning propellers and wheels. Innovative indeed! Toys created by children with no tools other than keen minds and observant skills are a testimony to the inner character of these youth.


But vulnerable they are, as well. Angolan children have among the highest mortality in the world. About one quarter will die before starting primary school. Malaria, pneumonia, diarrhea, TB and measles are the killers in this nation that spends on average $70 per person each year on healthcare, vs $10,345 per person in the United States. What can be done to protect these Innovators of Africa?


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