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Choosing A Career In The Bush – Angola Day 22


By Angolan standards, he was blessed indeed. While still a young man, Antonio mastered English and graduated from the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine & Hygiene. But rather than succumb to the allure of privilege, Antonio Salamão chose to serve out his career at Kalukembe Hospital. This rural medical center provides care for some half-million extremely low-income people – mostly subsistence framers. Kalukembe has 130 inpatient beds, delivers 100 babies each month – and has no running water or functioning telephones.


I first met Antonio Salamão three decades ago when I arrived at Kalukembe for a six-month orientation to Angolan medical care. He walked me through the paces of African community health, of managing pediatric diseases amid very limited resources, and how to apply ultrasound technology to unique tropical syndromes. This week I enjoyed two days together with Antonio at Kalukembe, marveling at his continued bright spirit and virtuous persistence to serve out his career in the bush.


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