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Rugged Touring – Angola Day 18

Angola will not soon rival Greece or Italy as a travel destination, but for you seeking more rugged, challenging vistas, it’s a wealth of waterfalls, beaches, rivers, mountain passes and escarpments. Here I’m overlooking Serra de Leba, a 95-turn length of highway plunging from the high plateau of central Angola, to my left, downward towards the beach city of Namibe. Like the final scene from The Gods Must Be Crazy, I tossed a rock from this point, and a full twelve seconds passed before impact = 2200 feet straight down.


So, begin planning your Angola vacation! And while you’re here, please include a couple of weeks with us. Sure, healthcare professionals of most all genre can play a role. But teachers, technology specialists, engineers, agronomist, and therapists have made precious contributions, too. In fact, the most important qualification of all is simply a willing spirit!

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