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Nurse Practitioner Continuing Education – Angola Day 22

These 30 radiant individuals are the nurse practitioners to single-handedly staff the outlying health posts connected with Caluquembe Hospital. located in central Angola. On the back wall to the left is a plaque commemorating Rodolph Brechet, the Swiss physician-founder who began pioneering this ministry in the 1950s. How his influence continues seventy years later, giving me as well the opportunity to stand upon his shoulders!


During our continuing educations days together, I guided these bright people through the thought processes connected with making diagnosis. For example, I presented the case of a six-year-old with cough and fever, and ask them to create a differential diagnosis. We then used clues from the history and physical exam, sometimes complemented by a small amount of laboratory data, to arrive at the most likely cause. Of course, consideration of local context is very important. Out here, cough and fever frequently or caused by tuberculosis and malaria – diseases regarding which these nurse practitioners are themselves expert.

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