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INMED Sudanese Grad Serving Her Native Sudan


We in North America normally consider Sudan a nation from which people flee and seek refuge. But not Mona Mohgaub. A physician graduate of the INMED Professional Certificate in International Medicine & Public Health, I enjoyed learning about Mona’s career while at the Boston MA in-classroom section of her course.


Born in Sudan, and educated in Europe and China, Mona continued to maintain her family connections in Sudan. The division of her country into north and south in 2011 continues to deeply trouble her. The peace and prosperity promised by this division has resulted only in ongoing conflict and neglect, especially for those in the South.


Into this mayhem we find Dr. Mohgaub, applying her special skills in maternal-newborn care. “Pregnant women and newborn babies are the world’s most vulnerable. As an educated woman in Sudan, I am especially privileged to defend them.”

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