Are You Culturally Sensitive?

November 29th, 2019 by INMED


Of course you are. Like most readers of this blog, in your heart you feel informed, concerned, and compassionate. But demonstrating these virtues in day-to-day life can be very challenging. Unfamiliar cultural dilemmas can cause people to appear insensitive and uncaring. Consider, for example, the negative repercussions of actions like looking an elder in the eye or handling an object with one’s left hand. In many societies, such seemingly innocent behaviors are extremely offensive.


For all these reasons, INMED developed the Cross-Cultural Skills Online Course. This three-hour learning experience will help transform your good intentions into useful behaviors that cultivate healthy interaction. Topics include bias recognition, language interpretation, culture shock, adaptation, reentry shock, and how to observe, understand and adjust to cross-cultural dilemmas.


INMED is offering a free registration for the Cultural Skills Online Course – normally $40 – for the first 20 persons who enter coupon code Christmas19 before December 15. With this offer comes our best wishes as you continue to hone your abilities to bridge sensitive cultural divides.