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2019 Pittsburgh INMED Professional Certificate Course Grads


One element which sets INMED Professional Certificate Courses apart from other global health learning experiences is the qualifications of our faculty. Case in point: the 2019 Pittsburgh PA INMED Professional Certificate Courses in International Medicine, Nursing and Public Health. For the sixth year running, these Pittsburgh courses are being taught by Paul Larson. A faculty position at the University of Pittsburgh medical Center, Dr. Larson also earned a London School Professional Diploma in Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, and served for two years at Kapsowar Hospital in rural Kenya.


Significant hands-on experience matters. In matters of clinical decision-making, a superior supervisor is one who has dealt month after month with the painstaking complexities of patient care amid cultural and language gaps, severely limited diagnostic and imaging services, and volumes of patients that create pressure to make rapid but excellent decisions. In matters of personal life, a superior supervisor is also one who has learned the special skills of balancing family and profession, teaching and serving, while also communicating with the larger world division for serving those on the margins of societies. Among these 2019 Pittsburgh learners in the back row, far right, is their exemplary role model: Paul Larson.

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