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YOU and COVID-19 Critical Professional Shortages


“Care is about more than a room with a hospital bed. It’s about medical professionals taking care of patients. If you don’t have the staff to do that, people are going to die.” So declares CEO of the Texas Organization of Rural & Community Hospitals, John Henderson. At this moment, medical centers in over half of the fifty United States report dangerous shortages of nurses, physicians, laboratory technicians and other specialists – this in the face of 176,572 new COVID-19 diagnoses and 1,283 deaths yesterday alone. As a result, many precarious patients are being transferred to better-staffed medical centers in other states.


Managing this pandemic – and healthcare as a whole – is taxing and requires multiple resources: testing, medication, technology, buildings, logistics, and skilled personnel. INMED is a training center, equipping healthcare professionals with crucial skills to care for the planet’s most vulnerable people – including how to better manage personal stress and even compassion fatigue.


Healthcare for Marginalized Americans and International Refugee Care are two highly-anticipated INMED courses beginning in the 2021 Winter Term on January 4th. Such courses can be taken for continuing medical education, and also credited towards the INMED Professional Master’s Degree in International Health. Ultimately, the greatest outcome is YOU being prepared for today’s critical professional shortages.


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