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Today’s Grads from Uganda, Pakistan, Haiti, South Africa, and Kirksville, MO


The spirit of Thanksgiving, can you name some advantages that protections against COVID-19 infection have brought into your life? At INMED, the movement toward online learning has opened up participation for our international learners. Case in point: meet today’s graduates of INMED 2020 Early Fall Professional Certificate in International Medicine & Public Health. These include learners from Uganda, Pakistan, Haiti, South Africa, and Kirksville, Missouri.


What inspiring perspective results from incorporating learners with such breath of culture and experience! These learners all participated in a community health survey simulation, for example, dramatically highlighting the challenge often encountered in real life. A very well-meaning North American visiting a rural home in the Indian subcontinent and asking questions about education and nutrition risks misunderstanding about the outsider’s motives. Our international classmates helped to guide the north Americans towards better outcomes by first very clearly explaining their intentions for the health survey.


With the 2021 Winter Term, beginning on January 4, watch for several new INMED learning opportunities that span the globe, including the Professional Certificate Course in International Refugee Care!

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