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Contrasting Prosperity In China

lachman_davidDavid Lachman is a medical student at the Medical College of Georgia. Inspired through his earlier experience in China, David is preparing to study in Shenyang, China, for the INMED International Medicine & Public Health Diploma.


“While I was studying Chinese in Shanghai, my professor wanted me to see the contrast between the modern cities of China and the rural poor. As I witnessed the miserable life of rural China, I realized how much a few medications, vaccinations, and simple public health measures could ease the people’s pains. I wanted to be able to help them in substantial ways. That experience motivated me to go to medical school and sparked my interest in studying international medicine. After repaying my medical school debts, I plan to permanently work in a developing country.”


The mission of LIGHT, the medical facility in Shenyang, is both to provide care for marginalized people and to train Chinese resident physicians in family medicine. Multiple medical care settings are employed. The Deji Hospital Global Doctor Clinic mainly serves international persons working in China. Image International Clinic provides care to local Chinese people of humble means. LIGHT mobile clinics also serve the medical needs of a large orphanage, a retirement community, several rural town sites, and an HIV care clinic.

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