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Paulo Buaki: A Life Well Lived – Angola Day 21

Dr. Paulo Buaki


All of us involved in ‘global health’ agree with the imperative of preventive care and relief from poverty. But nevertheless, people will still suffer from emergencies – situations in which urgent care is truly lifesaving. Enter Paulo Buaki. A native Angolan, Dr. Buaki completed his surgical residency with the renowned Pan-African College of Christian Surgeons. I’ve worked along side Dr Buaki in Angola since 2006. My own training is in public health and family medicine. I can perform some emergency surgical procedures, such as a colostomy, C-Section, or supra-pubic catheter insertion. But for our all-to-common multiple trauma cases or perforated intestines I’m so very fortunate to have the assist of Dr. Buaki. This week alone he’s managed two ectopic pregnancies, a fractured hip, and two prostatectomies. A life well lived! But when I mention this to Dr. Buaki, all his says is, “No, thanks be to our God and Savior Jesus Christ. He is the one who truly heals!”

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