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INMED Crisis Response Training

2012 Crisis Response Training Banner


The Joplin Tornado of May, 2011 on caught many of us well-intentioned but unprepared to respond effectively. I, for one, felt a deep sense of pain over the catastrophe unfolding just 100 miles a way. But I also realized frustration that at such late notice there was little I could do to assist.


This scenario is becoming more commonplace. In fact, disaster occurrences are on the rise. But so are the number of non-profit organizations, church groups, and civic volunteers who are interested in, even passionate about responding to the needs of disaster victims. For all these reasons Micah Flint, INMED’s Chief Programs Officer, envisioned a series of events to prepare non-government organizations.


First up is INMED Crisis Response Training on March 16. This interdenominational, nondenominational event will equip individuals and volunteer organizations (both medical and non-medical) to apply best practices as they build resilience in their communities and to respond to disaster events. This hands-on training program is designed for participates to learn and then to do.


I am encouraged over the heart-felt anticipation expressed by Crisis Response Training participants. And next time such a disaster strikes close to home, my own sense of frustration should be supplanted by the anticipation of our well planned reaction.

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