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ARGO, INMED and the Academy Awards



Iran is “an island of stability in one of the more troubled areas of the world,” said President Jimmy Carter in 1977. Yet in 1979 Iran broiled over into a bitter revolution that killed over a million citizens. It also provoked the capture of 52 American hostages held at the United States embassy for 444 days. Given the courage, chaos, and conviction surrounding that bitter spectacle, is it any wonder that the film ARGO was selected as this year’s Academy Awards Best Picture?


Iranians revolutionary agents also arrested, imprisoned, and executed more moderate Muslims in their midst. The six Americans portrayed in ARGO were not the only ones to escape this blood bath. Among them was the sophisticated, educated, David Nasser, whose family fearing for their safety determined to flee the nation.


Young David Nasser lived a year in exile before entering life as a foreigner in a vastly different culture – the American South. Mercilessly taunted, this terrified teen experienced both the destructive power of religion and the trauma of extraordinary prejudice. Inspired by a compelling search for security, David Nasser discovered that enduring peace and self-worth are only to be found in a personal relationship with the Messiah.


His first book, A Call To Die, is a bestseller that focuses on being honest with God, denying our desires, and serving the Creator through serving one another. Today, David Nasser addresses audiences of 700,000 people each year, presenting a call to faith and an appeal for genuine action across cultures on behalf of our world’s most distressed people.


Would you like to hear David Nasser’s personal account? INMED is honored to invite you to the Exploring Medical Missions Conference on May 31-June 1, where he will give the keynote address. You may discover, as David Nasser did, a far more compelling “island of stability in one of the more troubled areas of the world.”

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