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Cancer Treatment Extraordinaire – Angola Day 17

Brain Tumor


This child presented several months ago with weakness of his legs, incontinence, and imbalance. Steve Foster recognized these classical signs of a cerebellar brain lesion. Here in this city – for a very high price – the family acquired a CT of their boy’s head that indeed revealed a brain tumor and hydrocephalus. Under any “normal” conditions his treatment would have stopped and he would have died within weeks. But my colleague and his staff are anything but normal. Some $15,000 US was raised and the boy received brain surgery in Namibia, the country just to our south. Postoperatively, he was comatose for two months. Again, under ordinary circumstances he could have been presumed to die. But instead this child received round-the-clock nursing care and miraculously began to fidget. The fidgeting progressed to taking food, opening his eyes, and here his is today visiting with his mother and readying aloud from a book.

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