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What Can You Do In Ten?



On behalf of the world’s most disadvantage people, what can you do in ten minutes? What about ten days? What can you do to effectively promote community-wide health in ten months, or even over a period of ten years? A perception exists that adults are most likely to consider shorter time intervals: In ten minutes one can make an online donation or encourage a friend engaged in this virtuous field. In ten days people can devote dedicated time to hands-on service, whether at home or abroad. But longer-term commitment is not dead. At INMED we daily interact with people offering one year or many years of service. For them from a distance the personal cost may appear to be great. But they also enjoy wonderful potential for lasting impact and very deep relationships. “What can you do in ten?” is the theme of the 10th annual, 2015 INMED Exploring Medical Missions Conference. Please join us on Friday and Saturday, May 29-30, as we uncover powerful opportunities for investing your most precious personal resource – time.

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