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Complicated Knee Fracture – Angola Day 3



Orthopedic trauma is a leading cause of admissions here to our Lubango Evangelical Medical Center. The post-war economic progress throughout this nation is expressed by a growing number of motorcycles on unusually rough roads. Eduardo, the man of 40 who’s X-ray appears above, was driving his moto on the dirt when he lost control and broke open his knee. This X-ray demonstrates what appears to be a typical platella  fracture.




But this injury occurred a month ago. Today was Eduardo’s first presentation for medical care. Above is the open wound and the yellow object protruding through his skin is indeed the platella bone. Infected, necrotic, the first step in Eduardo’s care will be to provide general anesthesia, open the wound widely, and remove the infected tissue. Only after this heals – weeks from now – will we enjoy the possibility of reconstructing the platella and assuring his ability to walk again.


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