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I’m In Stitches – Angola Day 17


Here’s a story that will make you smile… Steve Foster, my mentor and Angola’s surgeon extraordinaire, came home tonight describing how that he saw a dehydrated child in clinic this morning. “Give him Ringer’s Lactate, one liter each 5 hours,” instructed Foster, in his deep, declarative voice.


Ten hours latter Foster returned, and found the child looking much better. However, there was no IV line in the child’s arm. So Foster quizzed the staff, “Didn’t you give him the Ringer’s Lactate?”


The personnel replied immediately and with all sincerity, “Certainly! We just popped the top off of that clear plastic bag, poured the Ringer’s Lactate into a cup, and gave it to the child to drink. Just like you said, Dr. Foster.”

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