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Ebola Vs The World



Why is ebola such a concerning crisis? The fact that this is an unusual disease sparks intrigue. That it is contagious from person to person engenders particular alarm. But while I empathize with those who are ill, we also do well to consider the broader picture of health on the African continent. My colleague Tim Kubaki, veteran physician in Brazil and Angola aptly observes, “Ebola has killed 1300 people so far. Eight times this number die from malnutrition every DAY… Malaria kills this number every DAY… 4000 die from HIV every DAY… 3000 kids die from pneumonia every DAY… 2000 kids die from diarrhea every DAY… all preventable, all treatable… Where’s the outrage and concern for these?” Dr. Kubaki’s viewpoint is critical. For a pectoral representation, please study the above cause of death for Africa as a whole.


I personally hope that such a “global perspective” will motivate concerned people like you and I to not simply react with emotion over today’s crisis in West Africa.  Rather, let us respond in a manner that demonstrates sincere compassion for these people acutely afflicted and that activates effective strategies to build healthier communities in partnership with West Africans. Without such an approach, we will continue to find ourselves simply reacting with intrigue and alarm to each future crisis.

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