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Are You Thankful? Are You Giving?



Thanks and giving. The union is a powerful combination. Do you have thanks for the advantages you receive? Perhaps education, good health, encouraging friendships, a little financial margin. Recently have you told those in your circle of your gratefulness? Expressing appreciation is excellent for the health of any relationship. And whether earned or undeserved, it is also extremely good for your own emotion and physical well-being. Taking a further step, are you thankful for the challenges before you? Opposition and trials have potential to bring out and to solidify your most virtuous qualities.


Are you giving from out of your resources, no matter how humble? Virtually everyone has a some capital, whether time, talents, or treasure. Effectively sharing with others can alleviate suffering, prolong lives, cultivate trust, and restore hope on their behalf. But giving, especially in secret, also profoundly benefits the giver, cultivating humility, gratitude, and kindness. It is a powerful means of personal development; a cure for vanity, pride, and selfishness.


At INMED I daily enjoy the privilege of witnessing thanks and giving in action. Hannah Bolar is an undergraduate nursing student at Kentucky Christian University. This summer she earned the INMED Diploma in International Public Health, training at Mushili Health Center in Zambia. Of thanks and giving, Hannah writes, “I am personally motivated to promote health with these people through the realization that I have been blessed to receive an education. With this knowledge also comes my sense of responsibility and motivation to use it to help others, especially those who are disadvantaged. So in Zambia, whether screening children for malaria, or dispensing medications, or helping out young mothers with their newborn, it was all amid a deep appreciation.”


Do you have thanks? Are you giving? Sometimes thanks, and especially giving, requires a little outside assist. INMED Diploma programs like the one of which Hannah took advantage, are designed to pair you with excellent role models in settings of compassion, learning, and humanitarian service – ideal for growing heartfelt and deeply meaningful thanksgiving.


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