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From Training To Tanzania



“I had a vision for medical ministry in Tanzania,” says emergency medicine physician Danny Smelser. “Years ago, my ideas were bold and my heart filled with excitement and compassion. What was lacking was a road map to mature development of Tanzania Christian Clinic – TCC. That’s why I sought out INMED.” I first met in 2010 when he participated in the INMED International Medicine & Public Health Hybrid Course, and then again in Louisville last week. During those course weeks Dr. Smelser and his classmates tacked the entire spectrum of low-resource, cross-cultural healthcare, from managing tropical fever to massaging relationships with national staff and civic leaders.


Today TCC, under Dr. Smelser’s guidance, offers expanding care for people of Monduli district, many of whom suffer from malaria, typhoid, schistosomiasis, tuberculosis, and severe dysentery. HIV-AIDS is prevalent, as are eye maladies. Danny Smelser describes the heart of the matter: “Like the Great Physician, TCC aims to minister to heart, soul, mind, and body. The typical history and physical at TCC includes a spiritual health component, and health care is administered to all patients without regard to their particular religious beliefs. Spiritual counseling and chaplain services are offered to all who express interest.” All this started with a vision, and we at INMED were privileged to help sharpen that focus.

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