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Finding Supplies For Charitable Healthcare



Greg Shay is a mid-career pediatric pulmonologist embarking on a life-long dream: to promote the health of a marginalized community. He completed the INMED International Medicine & Public Health Hybrid Course this fall, and is now heading to the African nation of Cameroon with the organization Mission Doctors to serve at St Martin de Porres Hospital. Writes Greg, “They asked me to bring some intra-osseous needles but they are a whooping $100 each. Does anyone know a place to buy cheaper medical equipment? What is your best source of buying generic bulk meds for medical trips?” The Greg observes, “It is a bit depressing that even when you are volunteering to help people, you need to deal with exorbitant medical costs for supplies for the most disadvantaged.”


I resonate with Greg Shay’s sentiments. Fortunately a number of highly motivated organizations are addressing this problem. Just as INMED provides healthcare personnel learning opportunities, a number of reputable corporation provide healthcare supplies at reduced cost:


  • Blessing International “heals the hurting globally and locally by providing life-saving pharmaceuticals, vitamins and medical supplies to medical mission teams, clinics and hospitals.”
  • AfriMedShare “dedicated to improving public healthcare around the world by redistributing surplus medical supplies and equipment.”
  • Heart To Heart “exponentially expands access to healthcare by providing medicine and equipment to clinics in the US and by outfitting international medical teams with the supplies they need.”
  • IDA Foundation “for larger quantities of supplies destined for developing nations,” I have had excellent personal experience with IDA based in The Netherlands.


Promotion of health and healthcare in disadvantaged communities requires a remarkable network of visionaries, community leaders, trained healthcare personnel, financial supporters, and administrators. Provision of equipment and supplies for charitable healthcare rounds out these essential resources.

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