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Earthquake Zone – India’s Emmanuel Hospital Association



April’s earthquake in Nepal drew refreshing attention to the culture and needs of Himalayan people. Located just across Nepal’s boarder is India’s Emmanuel Hospital Association (EHA) – an INMED Training Site. A high proportion of India’s wonderful people continue to suffer from preventable infections, tuberculosis, malaria, dysentary, malnutrition, and pregnancy-childbirth related complications. Most Indian women deliver in their villages on their own or with the help of a village midwife (Dai), and those who present to hospital are usually emergency cases.


EHA is a network of 21 hospitals and 27 community health projects, and is committed to the transformation of communities with programs that invest in the health and well being of everyone, irrespective of caste, creed or race. With a catchment population of nearly seven million, EHA provides more than 500,000 patient consultations each year. What’s more, EHA faculty are eager to share their skills with INMED students, who learn not only the professional skills but also the life skills of serving in the Himalayas.


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