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Turkey – Emerging Health, Prosperity, And Threats



Health status in Turkey today is similar to that of many emerging nations – ones like China, India and Argentina where recent economic gains are accompanied by increases in physical well being. Contrasted with the world’s poorest nations, in Turkey today death and suffering from infectious diseases and mother-newborn complications are now largely controlled. Since 1970 life expectancy has rise by 25 years and infant mortality fallen from 150 per 1000 to just 10 per 1000 live births.


Threats remain. The greatest disease challenges are the mushrooming lifestyle-related disorders of HTN, DM, CAD, and neuro-psychiatric concerns including substance abuse, depression, and dementia. The leading health system challenges in Turkey shortages of nurses and doctors and slow development of primary care services.


Today’s greatest threat of all against Turkey may well be the ongoing civil strife just across that nation’s southern boarder. Such conflict has potential to very rapidly reverse the wonderful gains in health, education, and economic life enjoyed by Turks. In such a setting can be vividly demonstrated the powerful role of skilled diplomats in defending the health and humanity of people emerging from extreme poverty. Let us all wish them God-speed.



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