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Danny Estévão Bring Vision To Life – Angola 2015



Lubango Evangelical Medical Center was for decades only a dream in the hearts of Pastor José Abias, Dr. Stephen Foster, and leaders of the Angolan Association of Evangelicals. The vision was substantial: within Africa’s poorest nation to create a center of healthcare and compassion. In 2006, with significant backing from Franklin Graham and Samaritan’s Purse, the center was founded. CEML – as it is know in Portuguese – offers daily outpatient clinic, emergency care, maternity, surgical center, inpatient care, and even housing for out-of-town patients and families. CEML is also an INMED Training Site.


These are all highly visible elements of CEML. What is less apparent is the man who maintains CEML’s daily operation. Please let me introduce Danny Estévão. “I was a businessman with no experience in medicine,” Danny told me just last week. “But in 2004 I learned of this vision for CEML and was convinced to apply whatever skill I posses to bringing this vision to life.” And this Danny has pursued with excellence and endurance.


Managing an organization like CEML is of necessity extraordinarily complex. Human resources, budgeting, accounting, facility maintenance, government relations, donor associations, supplies acquisition, marketing, patient satisfaction, even my visa processing – all rely upon Danny’s expertise. “I am recipient of the care and compassion of Jesus,” says Danny. ”How could I do anything less but facilitate these mercies towards my fellow Angolan people?”

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