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INMED Welcomes New Faculty: Paul Larson



Students in the 2015 Pittsburgh PA INMED International Medicine & Public Health Course – which begins on Monday – will enjoy the privilege of being mentored by INMED’s newest faculty: Paul Larson. Qualifications for this position are rigorous, and Dr. Larson’s credits are equally laudable. Following family medicine residency and a diploma earned from the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, Paul and Alysia Larson move to Kenya’s Kapsowar Hospital at the invitation of the Africa Inland Church. For two years they integrated themselves into rural Kenyan society, caring for their sick, partnering in community development, and raising their own five children.


Much like myself, Paul Larson possesses a special passion for enabling healthcare personnel to pursue their dreams of service. Upon returning to the USA, he completed graduate studies in medical education and a fellowship in faculty development. Today Dr. Larson is director of Global Health Education at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center’s St. Margaret Family Medicine Residency. He also continues to rigorously apply his teaching skills by supervising INMED Diploma students at the Baptist Medical Center in northern Ghana, and more recently, by mentoring INMED International Medicine & Public Health Course students.


Whether by personal example or by instruction and supervision, Paul Larson casts an enticing vision for globally minded healthcare leaders. We are overjoyed and honored he has joined the INMED Team!

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