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Inspired Generosity Surrounding Me

2015-emmc-student-scholarship-recipients copy


I am privileged to enjoy a circle of illustrative individuals; people who are both inspiring and generous. Pictured here is some of their further influence: a sample of the 250 students who received scholarships to participate in the 10th annual, 2015 INMED Exploring Medical Missions Conference. Who are these mysterious individuals? They number over one hundred, and to a woman or man they are friends of deep conviction, dedicated to the preservation of human compassion as not only a career tract but also as a lifestyle.


Space permitting, let me tell you about of one couple: Ted and Kim Higgins. As a general surgery resident at Yale University, Ted leaped at the opportunity to serve under medical mentors for six months at Hospital Albert Schweitzer in Haiti. Inspired through that experience, Ted and Kim embarked on a twenty-five year schedule of providing surgical care in Haiti and Dominican Republic – a pattern of service that continues even today. The Higgins not only provide the single greatest financial support for the Exploring Medical Missions Conference, but have also offered their expertise at this event since its inception. Please join me in congratulating individuals of such inspired generosity!


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