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Humanity And INMED’s Inner Culture



Public persona and private personality are often dissimilar, and what you read and see of INMED may or may not reflect reality. Permit me to lay open an element of INMED’s inner culture: We value people. We regard all individuals as created and loved by God, and in this light we respect their dignity, uniqueness, and intrinsic worth – regardless of wealth, social status, and or even ability to reciprocate our efforts. We aim to communicate this virtue in all of our working relationships, including staff, volunteers, donors, community, and those receiving our support.


How this is expressed from day to day will of course vary depending upon the venue. Most of our communication is via email, web and video. While efficient, these arms-length modalities can often create impersonal sentiments of distance. Fully aware of these barriers, we are intentional to express our respect and concern. And when we enjoy face-to-face interaction, we do our best to enjoy and to take advantage of these personal interactions.


I am frequently asked what is the best part of my life with INMED since 2003. Without a doubt it is remarkable people in this field whom I have met. Generally speaking, they possess high ideals, deep personal faith and are quite intentional about making a substantial investment to benefit the world’s most marginalized. What a blessing to enjoy the presence of such inspiring people!

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