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Richard Randolph – 2016 INMED Humanitarian Crisis Response Award Recipient

Randolph-This award recognizes individuals and organizations who that provide exemplary disaster response services for highly vulnerable communities. In doing so, they accentuate the value of life and provide an exemplary model for us all. The Institute for International Medicine is excited to recognize Richard Randolph via the 2016 INMED Humanitarian Crisis Response Award.


Dr. Randolph is a family physician from the Kansas City area who first distinguished himself as a West Point Military Academy graduate, adding credentials including the INMED Academic Qualification in International Medicine & Public Health and appointed Medical Officer for Joint Special Operations Command at Fort Bragg. In 2015 Dr. Randolph became Chief Medical Officer for Heart to Heart International, and immediately shipped out to Liberia. On location at the Tappita Ebola Treatment Unit he served afflicted people for six months – just one of his extended deployments since 1993 providing healthcare in seven different nations. Today he diligently applies his hard-won insight through scaling up preparedness capability among hundreds of dedicated disaster responders.


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