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Why Construct A Ship Underway At Sea?



Sounds like nonsense. Why construct a ship while plowing oceans waves? Wouldn’t it be more efficient to pull into a dry dock for a few months of focused building? The fact is, however, that once the hull is complete and engine installed the ship can technically start hauling passengers. 2003 was the year of INMED’s basic construction. Since then, the demand for ‘passenger service’ has been so steady that the we have not enjoyed the luxury of making people wait for our services. After all, equipping well-meaning healthcare personnel to serve the world most marginalized is one of the very most compelling payloads to bear.


During the coming year watch for several new additions presently being built onto INMED’s ship:


  • Establishment of a scholarship fund to facilitating healthcare students earning an INMED Diploma.
  • Expansion of the INMED Conference to address a broader audience of healthcare professionals and students.
  • Concentrated analysis of the impact of INMED training on the careers of our graduates.
  • Provision of augmented assistance for schools and programs to obtain global health accreditation
  • Introduction of healthcare education training to the core INMED curriculum.


Constructing a ship at sea has particular challenges: rough waves, extreme temperatures, exposed pilot house. But this also carries special benefits: the enthusiasm of the travelers and the joy of those in the harbors who great them.


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