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Lana Borden Teaching Nursing in Zambia



In 2013 Lana Borden, an RN from Kansas City’s Children’s Mercy Hospital, we recognized with the INMED Diploma in International Public Health, which included her formative service-learning experience at Mushili Health Center in Zambia, southern Africa.


“In January I was in the Copperbelt area of Zambia again,” says Lana “to visit nursing colleges and interview for professorship. A private college called Nkana wants me to return for an internship as a sort of working interview and orientation process with the dean of nurses. I would be working alongside 6 other nursing ‘tutors’ to train about 350 students through their three year nursing program. This was just the sort of thing I was hoping to do, as I believe the impact of training the next generation of nurses from the beginning of their studies will have an exponential effect on healthcare in Zambia. Doctors are scarce, especially in rural areas, and nurses are often the primary healthcare providers in their communities. INMED’s public health program was instrumental in getting me started on this journey.


“As a Christian and missions-minded nurse, I am excited at the opportunity to earn a living in the country I’ll be serving, although some may think it unusual. It is similar to the way the apostle Paul was able to generate income with his tent making trade as he traveled abroad and shared the gospel. It will be a challenging endeavor, but I am excited for what may be to come.”


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