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INMED Counts By The Numbers



We at INMED are all about personal accounts. We emphasize stories both of people in great need who are assisted with compassion and expertise, and people whose lives are transformed through personal sacrifice and service on behalf of our world’s most impoverished. Just consider for a moment the experience of Scott Biggerstaff, INMED student serving in Uganda this summer.


Numbers also help to communicate the extent of personal accounts. Since 2004…

• 4417 have participated in an INMED Humanitarian Health or Exploring Medical Missions Conference

• 1079 took part in an INMED Cross-Cultural Health or Disaster Management Symposium

• 442 graduated with an INMED Diploma or Certificate, including serious service among the poor

• 500 took part in an INMED Hybrid or Intensive Course

• 235 became Helping Babies Breathe Facilitators

• 114 participated in an INMED Ultrasound for Primary Care Course

• 449 took advantage of an INMED Self-Paced Online Course


Each number represents real people, both those served and those who are serving. Scott Biggerstaff helps us all to keep this truth at the forefront: “I cared for a patient on Friday with AIDS and pneumonia, and today I evaluated a stroke patient and an AIDS/tuberculosis patient with a spontaneous pneumothorax. Sick dudes. The ‘normal’ pathology out here is stuff fit for case reports in medical journals. I have just a few days left – hopefully tomorrow I’ll be able to join the community team and see some of the pubic health (disease prevention) outreach activities.”


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