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Haiti Hurricane Refuge: Higgins Brothers Surgicenter



Last week as Hurricane Matthew collided with Haiti, citizens by the thousands sought refuge from the 130mph plus winds, tormenting waves, and inland storm surge. One special locale of relief: Higgins Brothers Surgicenter of Hope. This photo  captured by USA Today, shows residents of southwestern Haiti entering the compound of the Surgicenter where they took cover in the operating and recovery rooms. Ted Higgins, the Center’s visionary founder, told me, “We didn’t construct this facility as an emergency shelter. But it’s built of stone and concrete, the roof is steel, and the doors are sound. By golly, it’s meant to serve people, and I’m thrilled they are safe inside!”


Dr. Ted Higgins has served Haiti since 1981, when he and his wife, Kim, worked for three-month at Hospital Albert Schweitzer in DesChapelles, Haiti. Following that inspiring experience, Ted made annual service trips to Haiti and the Dominican Republic, providing healthcare to sugar cane cutters and their families. In 2010, Ted and Kim partnered with   Haitian Christian Mission to propel more substantial, ongoing service. And today, Higgins Brothers Surgicenter for Hope is providing such care, rain or shine.


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