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Battle For Mosul – Battle For Civilian Lives



Six months ago from a distant hilltop I viewed the ISIS-held city of Mosul, where one-million civilians are captive. Five days ago began a long-anticipated military campaign by Iraqi and Kurdish forces to retake the city. As the bombs drop and bullets fly, whose lives are at highest risk? By far, it is the non-combatants.


Since WWII women, children and unarmed men are more likely to die by a power of ten to one over soldiers. We’ve no reason to believe the outcome in Mosul will be better. The UN is preparing for what it fears could be the biggest man-made humanitarian crisis in recent times. Accordingly, refugee camps are being built on the outskirts of Mosul, stocked with supplies for the flood of people fleeing the city. The UN says it expects at least 200,000 in the coming days and weeks.


What can you and I do? First, stay informed over this rapidly developing crisis. You can also contact your elected officials to encourage support of such people in distress. Financial contributions to reputable organizations are effective. One little known fact is that the UN High Commission of Refugees is almost entirely funded by donations. You yourself, with proper training, can also potentially volunteer in care of international refugees and internally displaced persons. And finally, neglect not the opportunity to serve foreigners here within our own communities.


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