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INMED Faculty Nominated For L’Chaim Prize



“Christian medical missionaries are the unsung and unheralded heroes of humanity —so we had the idea to create the Rabbi Erica and Mark Gerson L’Chaim Prize. L’Chaim means “to life” — and it is this gift that the Christian medical missionaries serving in Africa provide to so many… To learn about the work of Christian medical missionaries is to enlarge the understanding of what a single human being can accomplish.” In so saying, the African Mission Healthcare Foundation announces the $500,000 prize, an annual award for Outstanding Christian Medical Missionary Service–the largest-ever in clinical patient care. This historic prize, was inspired by the response to a New York Times column illuminating Christian medical missionary service in Kenya.


The four L’Chaim Prize finalists include Steve Foster, top right photo, and John Spurrier, bottom right. Steve Foster, a Canadian general surgeon, has lived in Angola since 1975 and supervised seven INMED learners at CEML Hospital. One of his earlier mentees was INMED’s founder and CEO, Nicholas Comninellis. John Spurrier has served with Brethren in Christ in rural Zambia at Macha Mission Hospital, also since 1975. Fifteen INMED graduates to date have been blessed by his direct influence.


Theirs is career path predictably marked by overwhelming demands, meager resources, constant stress and fatigue, austere living, and remarkable family and personal health challenges. Whom do you know of a character similar to Foster and Spurrier? Please join me in offering a thoughtful word of encouragement to all individuals who are similarly engaged.


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