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Ultra-Appropriate Technology – Angola Day 2



Senhor Miguel has suffered increasing shortness of breath for one year. When he arrived here at CEML Hospital last week his heart exam revealed a loud systolic murmur, along with swollen legs and signs of fluid in his lungs. The potential causes are myriad, and important to distinguish in order to select the most appropriate treatment for Senhor Miguel.


We at CEML Hospital – along with all those committed to providing healthcare in low-resource settings – constantly struggle to find a balance between the need for useful medical information and the ability to access it over the long-term.


Today SS, ER nurse from Hawaii, is making ready use of ultrasound to examine Senhor Miguel’s heart, confirming the cause of heart failure, and guiding us toward more effective treatment. Fast, inexpensive, reliable, and rather easily interpreted, ultrasound is one of the most exemplary appropriate technologies for low-income health centers. INMED is offering three Ultrasound for Primary Care Courses during the upcoming four months to better equip professionals like Sari to provide a breath of fresh air to those in need like Senhor Miguel.


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