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China: INMED Launches Advanced Family Physician Training


China’s medical system was built around care by subspecialists: cardiologists managing hypertension, endocrinologists overseeing diabetes mellitus, gastroenterologist treating GERD. Like the United States in the 1970s and 80s, China’s policy makers today recognize the profound inefficiencies of this organ-system approach to medicine. While a small percentage of patients do indeed need the expertise of a subspecialist, the great majority of people can receive quality care by a family or primary care physician at a fraction of the cost and without fragmentation between multiple providers. What’s more, those who reside in physician-sparse locals (urban core and rural settings) often have no subspecialist availability.


This month INMED launches Advanced Family Physician Training in China. In response to China’s Rural Health Initiative, and in cooperating with Liaoning International General Health Trainers (LIGHT), INMED offers a hybrid course to augment the skill and vision of physicians who serve China’s more marginalized citizens. The ten-week online section of study updates cognitive comprehension of chronic disease management, personal health behavior, maternal and newborn care, health maintenance, and medical ethics, and health systems. The in-classroom section that follows upgrades skills in health counseling, newborn resuscitation, diagnostic ultrasound, and community health assessment.


Enrollment is now open for INMED launches Advanced Family Physician Training in China. But you need not be Chinese to join. This course is taught in English in Shenyang, northeastern China, and available to international healthcare personnel, too. In fact, INMED’s 2016 course in China drew participants from eight nations. Would you like to meet with us in China for a virtuous pursuit?


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