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INMED At Age Fourteen


This week INMED Board and Staff members invested two days in inspiration and strategic analysis of our mission to better equip healthcare professionals and students to serve the forgotten. Peter Greenspan, obstetrician and Messianic Hebrew, opened the event event with the account of a tragically isolated woman: Jesus with the Woman at the Well. Dr Greenspan emphasized the lengths to which Jesus went to cross over culture and religious biases to communicate compassion and salvation to this profoundly disadvantaged woman – a model for us all to emulate.


As we methodically stepped through each element of INMED’s structure and activity, I was impressed with the steady grow we have witnessed. Fourteen years ago I was INMED’s only staff person, joined shortly by Micah Flint’s dynamic teamwork. Now we’re six full-time staff, flanked by dozens of volunteer faculty in twenty-five nations. Fourteen years ago our budget was $5,500. Today it’s $550,000. But most significant of all is the 500 INMED Graduates emulating compassion and care, so eloquently prescribed by Dr. Greenspan, toward our world’s most isolated people.


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