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Multiplying Healthcare Capacity – Angola Day 4


This gentleman on the left suffers from gangrene of his left lower leg. Note how the skin, subcutaneous tissue and even muscle has been killed by this ‘flesh eating’ bacteria, leaving behind only exposed bone and tendons. Pictured center is my colleague, Steve Foster, expounding on the management of this lethal disease to a cadre of eager learners from the UK.


Dr. Foster is passionate about multiplying his skills among future healthcare personnel. This capacity-building attitude is widely appreciated today. But it was not always so. When I first ventured into international medicine the popular emphasis was on provision of services, with much less attention to future service sustainability. But thirty years ago, Dr. Foster was already pioneering the equipping of both Angolans and Westerners with the vision of multiplying healthcare capacity. And he continues in this inspiring tract today.


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