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Recovery With A Smile – Angola Day 10


Elias is an eight-year old boy whom I met 10 days ago in the CEML Hospital Emergency Department. He was febrile, vomiting and complaining of marked abdominal pain. Fortunately, our laboratory capabilities are growing more mature, and Elias’ results documented malaria, hepatitis, pneumonia and profound anemia. Ill children in Angola often do not recover, so we were especially prudent in this boy’s care. He received malaria treatment, antibiotic and oxygen for lung infection, and attentive monitoring of the liver dysfunction. Through it all, his parents were constantly present.


The boy remained febrile and coughing for 3 days. But then his malaria test converted to negative, need for supplemental oxygen decreased, and Elias began to ask for food. On the 8th day, I gave him a discharge to the “patient village” next to CEML Hospital, where our non-critical patients often finish out their treatments close to assist should a relapse occur. Today, I fully cleared Elias to return home – and we all are smiling!


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