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You Too Can Join Us – Angola Day 30


Departing Angola today I’m mostly impressed with the opportunities. CEML Hospital, and its affiliate Kalukembe Hospital, have years of solid experience providing care to the least of these. One bold step forward is to multiply the number of Angolans with similar vision and skills. Here’s where you can be a blessing.


Seriously consider coming to join us. Come with a spirit of flexibility, of learning, of serving, and of very tactfully sharing your own insights and expertise. Angola is a difficult environment, but not the most difficult. Many internationals before you have successfully adapted.


INMED has a tract for service-learning in Angola via our Diploma in International Medicine & Public Health. Alternatively, and especially if you are not a healthcare professional, volunteering directly through CEML Hospital is also encouraged. Come sample Angola for two weeks. If you travel in July 2018 I’ll enjoy the experience with you!


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