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Michigan State U Funds INMED Learner In Ghana


“MSU’s family medicine department awarded me a scholarship that allowed me to learn from physicians, nurses, community health workers and pastors working hard to improve the health in northern Ghana. My words cannot fully express my experience!” Georgia Wheeldon, pictured here with the traditional King, was funded for her INMED Service-Learning experience at Ghana’s Baptist Medical Center.


“Spending time at the BMC,” Georgia Wheeldon continues, “reinforced my passion for medically underserved populations and the goal of finding how I can help to improve health in vulnerable populations. In medical school, I learned to delve deep into a community’s resources and partner with them to improve health. I carried this knowledge with me to Ghana and found many individuals, nurses, physicians, and health workers also working to improve the community’s health. I believe that all individuals deserve access to quality healthcare regardless of their means, and I think a powerful way to accomplish this is through strengthening those currently serving in vulnerable communities. I will be completing a residency in combined internal medicine and pediatrics and I intend to pursue a Masters in Public Health. This training (and my forever continued learning) will help me to benefit medically underserved populations that I will work with domestically and abroad.”


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