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INMED For Nurses: The DINPH Credential

Nurses enjoy wonderful reputations for compassion and action. INMED now offers the professional Diploma in International Nursing & Public Health (DINPH) to further enhance nurse’s credentials and skills in serving the world’s most poor.


DINPH qualification has two parts. First is an International Nursing & Public Health Hybrid Course that includes the most common yet unfamiliar diseases. The next courses begin online on Jan 1, Jan 15, and March 12. Here are the specific Dates and Locations.


The second part is a service-learning experience at an INMED Training Site in one of 8 developing nations under the guidance of an experienced nurse mentor. Read here about current INMED learners experiences at their training sites.


What do INMED Nursing Participants have to say about learning with us? What are INMED alumni are doing today? Is the DINPH available to nursing students? Yes!


Please consider this bold and unique career advancement opportunity! I look forward to addressing your questions. Contact me, Nicholas Comninellis, via [email protected] or 816-520-6900.


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