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Music Therapy – Angola Day 12


Angolans love to sing in harmony, with vibrant gestures and expressive smiles. Last night, when I brought my travel guitar to the CEML Hospital ward and began to softly play Latin and classical tunes, I was immediately accompanied by their vocal improvisation. Next, without my lead, they launched into familiar hymns, like A Deus Seja A Glória (To God Be The Glory) and Tudo Para Deus Em Oração (Everything To God In Prayer), while stepping and swinging with the gentile rhythms. Children in the pediatrics ward, just to my right, scrambled out of their beds and into a little circle around we dozen singers.


For a few minutes, we all seemingly forgot about what brought us there: meningitis, malaria, hip fractures, cancers, hydrocephalus and obstetric fistulas. We also forgot about what’s keeping us here: medication infusions, post-operative care, dressing changes, pain control, physical therapy, and nutritional support. Instead, we celebrated in the reassurance and hope possessed by these resilient people through through their own music. Therapeutic indeed!

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