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What’s Your International Health Certification? – Angola Day 28


“Your ambition is to make a career of medical missions?

“No serious skills are necessary.

“You don’t need to finish med school or even complete residency training.

“Just go do it.”


These were the skeptical words of one professor of mine some time ago. He made it clear that I was wasting my talent, and that there was no particular expertise relevant to my career intention.


It’s true that the number one requirement in healthcare for the disadvantaged is a willing spirit. Beyond this, there also exists is a unique repertoire of knowledge and skill for success in serving low-resource people. INMED’s charge is to fully disseminate these competencies a manner that is inspiring, convenient, effective, and cost-sensitive.


INMED International Health Credentials include Professional Certificate Courses in International MedicineInternational Nursing, and International Public Health. With this foundation, INMED Learners progress to supervised service-learning experience (rotation) at an INMED Training Site in one of 25 nations, like CEML Hospital where I’m serving now with a number of eager learners. Upon completion, INMED Learners are recognized with the Professional Diploma in International Medicine (DIMPH), International Nursing (DINPH) or International Public Health (DIPH).


What is your international health certification? An INMED certification demonstrates dedication, knowledge, and a degree of experience. Moreover, it provides you capacity to master the serious skills required in healthcare for the poor.


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