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Why Does INMED Teach In China? Isn’t It Prosperous?


“China is a nation of great wealth. INMED focuses on under-served people. So why would INMED share skills in China?” Rhetorically, using similar reasoning, why would INMED also teach in the US?


The truth is that every nation of great wealth also has low-resource residents. Both China and the US are made up of those who are disabled, elderly, unemployed, chronically ill, and with poor language skills. INMED’s Professional Certificate Courses complement healthcare professional with those unique abilities needed to aid such individuals. And, every nation of great wealth has visionary, talented personnel who quite intentionally want to provide such aid.


Pictured here are graduates of INMED’s 2018 Professional Certificate Course in International Medicine & Public Health, hosted by H’Image Doctor/LIGHT, INMED’s Training Site in NE China. These come from India, Ghana, Jamaica, Norway, Nigeria, Uganda, and China, too. Do you live in Asia? Do you possess a passion for marginalized people? Please join us for the INMED Professional Certificate Course in China, beginning online in April 2019.


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