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From INMED to South Sudan


“Arriving in South Sudan in 2012,” writes Lynn Fogleman, “our first emphasis was training traditional birth attendants. We quickly picked up on the cultural importance of sharing tea together with all our learners, and singing and dancing with them over joy at receiving birthing kits – supplies like cord clamps and bulb suctions necessary for clearer, safer home deliveries.


“In the midst of South Sudan’s civil unrest, our first worship with Sudanese was held under a tree. The Holy Spirit was present as an alcoholic man stepped forward, repented of his sins, and received salvation through Christ. He and his entire family requested baptism at the end of the service, and many people, young and old, come forward for individual prayer. Please join us in praying for peaceful negotiations and end to this nation’s violence.”


In preparation for life in South Sudan, family physicians Sharon and Lynn Fogleman took part in the 2010 INMED Professional Certificate Course in International Medicine & Public Health, and we are honored to continue following and encouraging their self-denying service. Would you like to join in? Please follow the Journal from Drs. Sharon and Lynn blog and consider a financial gift at TMS Global, ID #3017.


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