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Don’t Trust Online Learning – Unless It’s Excellent!

Online education is the fastest-growing segment of higher education. Today 15 percent of all learners study exclusively online, and those who mix online and in-person courses has grown even faster to 17 percent of all learners. So, shall we fully embrace online learning? No, not so fast. In spite of its convenience, research demonstrates that costs are often higher and learning outcomes often do not measure up. Online learning must be done with excellence.


Today INMED announces our Second Edition international health courses. After months of updating our content and learning platform, we invite you to taste excellence in online education. These opportunities include Elective Online Courses in nine subjects, including disaster management, diseases of poverty, and HIV medicine. There’s even a 15-minute free demo course to test drive the features. We also invite you to take advantage of coupon code ELECTIVE10 for a 10% tuition discount.


Consistent and substantive student-instructor interactivity is a key determinant successful in online education. INMED emphasizes these qualities via our higher level Professional Certificate Courses in medicine, nursing, public health, ultrasound, newborn resuscitation, and Advanced Mother Baby Outcomes (AMBO) – experiences that combine online preparation with in-classroom hands-on learning.


Online learning will always be a force in education, and INMED will assure this force is marked by excellence.

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