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Epidemic Response & Humanitarian Health


Escalating epidemic today ~ Worldwide pandemic tomorrow? Precise forecasts are impossible, even reckless. What is certain is that in the coming months COVID-19 will continue to require both skilled epidemic crisis management and compassionate, professional care. And what is likely is that we will also witness phobias against certain people, disruptions in economic and social life, and perceived shortages of important resources – just like during the 2003 SARS epidemic.


So, please join me at the 2020 Humanitarian Health Conference (HHC). This year’s event – our 15th annual – will build your triage and emergency medical decision-making skills. This HHC also focuses on emerging infectious diseases and on global pandemic control, and will culminate in a 2-hour epidemic crisis response simulation experience. Save the dates, Fri-Sat, June 12-13, for the HHC in Kansas City, MO, and register now before the conference price escalates. Undergrad, high school and medical students, please message [email protected] for info about scholarship discounts.


Epidemic response and humanitarian health can coincide. In fact, they must if today’s global challenge is to be conquered. That our diplomatic, healthcare, and emotional resources will be taxed is a given. They already are. So lean into opportunities like the HHC to sharpen your expertise and to encourage your heart.


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